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Our Background

The urgent need for the provision of a sustainable Power Supply in our emerging Economy propelled the establishment of Todays Technology. 

Ours is a company with a passion to deliver a good Electrical Engineering service for the Power Industry, which is the bedrock of any stable economy. 

The company was established and registered in 2008 as Todays Technology now Today’s Technology (Nig) Ltd (TTL) RC 1048230. We at TTL, are the leader in the manufacturing of customized Electrical Panels in Nigeria. 

We cater for the Electrical Panel’s need of various industries in Nigeria and beyond. We manufacture top quality performance tested and certified Panels that provide high integrity, reliability in product performance and service, safety and ease in operations and installation that meet International Standards. 

We are a professionally managed Power Company and our services include installation of 11 KV substations, Rural and Urban Electrification, Street Lighting Projects. We also sell best quality Transformers. Our electrical panels are designed by highly qualified team of engineers who utilize their vast experience to provide unique cabling structures and perfect layout in our panel designs.

TTL Team 2
"Dirty hands are a sign of clean money."
engr. Adeyemi Adeleke

Our solutions

efficient services & Solutions

Our products are custom designed to provide solutions to cater for your business’ unique electrical needs.

Clean Energy

We strive to preserve the enviroment we work in and this is why our projects support eco friendly energy sources

Business Upscale

We help our clients maximize profit by the efficient and timely solutions we provide.

Safe Electricity

Our products ensure that electricity use is stable and safe. We carry out internationally approved quality checks before deploying them.

Diverse Locations

Our projects cover diverse locations within Africa.

about our philosophy

Individuals and business face problems that need unique solutions in order to thrive. Our philosophy is to help as much companies in Africa make life better for people by providing efficient electrical solutions that power the work they do.

We recognize the potential each business has to make life simpler for the average person and they need power to achieve this, which is why we see to it that they are provided the solutions needed to power their work.

TTL Team


To be the bedrock of the power industry in Africa through the provision of professional electrical and mechanical services.


To be the leading engineering service in Africa.


Switchgears, Transformers, Power Sub Stations

Meet The CEO

Mr. Adeleke

Engr. Adeyemi Adeleke


installation & project development

We carry out street lighting projects and electrical building installations.

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